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Our vision is in second tier cities to provide China-wide service to international companies, which would enable them to become more efficient in their dealings in China.

Since nearly all overseas companies operating in China still depend heavily on a foreign workforce, high quality relocation conditions is a key to the motivation and the performance of their team. This is especially reinforced with a unique contingency service.
Furthermore, it is our aim to combine the professional relocation service with a cost cutting aspect for international companies. Given that average expatriate costs are very high, it is vital that the time spent to relocate is cut down to a minimum. Consequently Maxxelli has created various services, such as our new on line property proposals that enable clients to make pre-viewing house selections at our webpage and thereby eliminate house tours that are not suitable to the client.

In the course of the upcoming year Maxxelli is not only dedicated to increase fields of activities, but also bring our unmatched services to clients in most second tier key cities in China.
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